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tel: 07837 034080

email: design@oundlearchitecture.com


Q/. Where is Oundle Architecture located       and how do we find your office?

Oundle Architecture, the architectural practice that helps property owners extend and
remodel their homes, is located just outside Oundle in East Northamptonshire

Where we are

Oundle Architecture is based just outside Oundle, an historic English market town in East Northamptonshire.

We work from our rural design studio to service clients across a broad area from Market Harborough in the west to Peterborough in the east; from Uppingham in the north to Thrapston in the south, and all of the many towns and villages in between.

Contact Oundle Architecture

tel: 07837 034080

email: design@oundlearchitecture.com

Get in touch and we’ll explore your
design ideas together.

New Products

Oundle Group consultants are experienced product marketers. Our team knows how to market-test new ideas via a customer first policy for product strategy, analysis, and positioning.

New Markets

Identifying new markets for products or services relies upon rigorous research to identify gaps which are poorly addressed
by competitors. Oundle Group has extensive experience in
market and competitive analysis for penetrating new markets.

Strategic Technology & Channel Partnerships

In a tough economy firms must lower risk and control costs. By partnering with third-parties, to share technology and sell into
new markets via established sales channels, all parties win.

Partnership Experience

Oundle Group consultants have substantial partner development experience and a history of managing strategic relationships with firms like Microsoft, HP, Adobe, and others.